| DUSHA - Dissolution of Ego


Ambient album journey into oneself, an expedition into subliminal passages. The album is inspired by Peter Gric's painting “Dissolution of Ego”, bringing the listener to a self-loving, joyful, and weightless mind state. 


Publisher: Detroit Underground, LA, USA


| Tulpa - Raw EP

Tulpa - Raw EP is minimal techno EP release. Eight full tracks recorded in White Snow studio, Amsterdam, in 'raw' context - as direct as it is. Recorded in real time synthesis mode.

Available soon on Detroit Underground records.

Album artwork by Scapevision.

| DUSHA - Genuine


Gynoid Bride experienced a Space Craft crash and had to execute an urgent landing on Earth. She had to tell her story to the earthlings who demanded an explanation as to the matter of an unexpected entering of their planet by the alien.  She audiolised her current status:  Gynoid revealed her genuine nature, age, universal function.

On the way to her next mission, Gynoid lost contact with her Soul Twin that is her sister. The primal dimensions scan showed a possible location of her twin in the area of Los Angeles, United Tribes.  During the search her craft was shot down by unknown wild nomads around the Area 412 Desert Resort.

In order to come back she needs to restore contact with her sister who has a similar Space Vehicle capable of multidimensional travel which could bring both of them back to Command Harbour.

Her search continues...



All tracks written and produced by Anna Martinova, aka Tulpa | Dusha. Voice and lyrics by Tulpa | Dusha. Legend by Tulpa | Dusha from motives of Peter’s Gric paintings “ The High Priestess” and “Gynoid-Bride”.  Written in White Snow studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Art works by Peter Gric


Audio advisors: Pete Johnston and Carl Golembeski


Original mastering: Jeremy Soule


Technology: Modular Synthesis: Erica Synths Black Series; Kyma Pacarana by Symbolic Sound; Logic Pro; Voice Recordings and Modulation with Kyma Pacarana and Logic Pro. 


Ovnimoon remastered version released 28th May 2019  by  Ovnimoon Records .


Original version available here.