TULPA | Checks Cashed LP


Yet another adequate answer in a form of modular live recordings. Checks Cashed is an LP, with live recorded modular sessions Martinova had between 2019-2020 in her home studio "White Snow' in Amsterdam. Minimal techno orientated, the LP is an experimental format, modular audio search. Name of the album came out of its cover. The photo is a historical event of Vietnam veterans being on strike, ca. 1970.



1. Dear

2. Bahia

3. Checks Cashed

4. Infinite Light


Publisher: Truth Table 

Release date: TBA



Tulpa - Raw EP is minimal techno EP release. Eight full tracks recorded in White Snow studio, Amsterdam, in 'raw' context - as direct as it is. Recorded in real time synthesis mode.


Available soon on Detroit Underground records.

Album artwork by Scapevision