DUSHA | Rebirth

Courtesy of the art of Peter Gric





1. Hypersleep

2. Tower Of Angels

3. A Birth Of A New World

4. A Birth of A New World Part 2

5. Cyber Goddess

6. Back To Eden

7. Alley Of Angels

8. The Dream of Ancient Tree

9. Dragon's Forest

10. Solar Soul

11. Ring Mechanoid

12. Liquid Planet

13. Gentle Spirit

14. Future City

15. Quantuum Fields

16. Digital Moos




17. Welcome Home

18. The Great Stargaze Desert

19. Deep Talk

20. Rebirth

21. New Love

22. Letter Never Sent

23. Iris Flower

24. Secret Gate

25. Electric Prelude

26. Sunrise On Sirius




27. Oil

28. Kindness

29. Revelation

30. Clarity

31. Fear Annihilation

32. Don't Forget Me

33. Dusha feat Lady Unicorn: The Man


Ambience of this album is written for 80 minutes journey of Peter Gric, that will be performed in a format of Modular Live + Art Broadcast in Trani, Italy, December 2022. Physical album will be released soon. More information follows. Teaser video about the event is present, updates regarding dates and time can be found on the Instagram and FB pages of the artist and Cavo Fest.


The album is written with the following number of instruments, recorded in one take with minimum of adjustments made in Logic Pro.


Kyma Pacarana

Sound Objects

Moog Phatty


Moog Mother 32

Rossum Assimilator

Patching Panda


Personal Eurorack System

Artist's Voice

Logic Pro: basic DAW VSTs


Tracks are composed with help of personal Eurorack system, Logic Pro basic VSTs and Kyma Pacarana voice processing. Track 33 "The Man" written by Lady Unicorn (Unicorns in The Snow), voice and lyrics by Tulpa Dusha.

The album had no mastering process.


Peter's art work:

Cavo Fest:


TULPA | Live at Talking Trees Festival


Live jam in minimal techno style, performed at Talking Trees Festival
28/29.30 July 2022, Chateau De Gressoux, France


1. LIVE at Talking Trees Festival






YT video from the festival:


Pure record, no mastering 

TULPA | Hedonism


Collection of minimal techno live recordings on different modular systems between 2018 - 2021. 


1. Testing Testing

2. Mini Apocalypse

3. Lord Of The Flies

4. Les Shantez
5. Sleeping Hummingbird

6. Submarine

7. Antimatter

8. Hedonism

9. Trim


Mastering by Robert Hundt aka Radioactive Cake.

DUSHA | The Planet. The Sun. The Stars


Mini micro album around The Stars song - improvised track with vocal, recorded live in one take in 2019. Album cover shows The Planet. The Sun. The Start on/off turning knobs.
Song The Sun is a mini jam. Song The Planet is You.


1. The Planet

2. The Sun

3. The Stars

no mastering applied, pure record. 

TULPA | Live in Guayaquil


live recorded in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 05.08.2021, full video here:


Tulpa Dusha | Self Love + Bless Us


for Share Your Track ESPOL University

organised by SONORO Ecuador | MNML KTCHN New York USA

cover photo and video by Maria Emilia Alban Perez
mastering by Robert Hundt aka Radioactive Cake

TULPA | Live at VeldWerk


live at VeldWerk, full video here:


VeldWerk or Alternative Music Deliver Service



Part 1 

Part 2




Live recorded modular minimal techno session for Harry Klein 10 years anniversary, streamed by Marry Klein, Female : Pressure and Dance Television. Visual art is live performed by Roger Vermolen aka Visual Scumbagz | Polybase. Full video session available at YT channel:


Part 1

Part 2


released June 27, 2021




Interlinked - is a series of live jam recordings, made for different streaming platforms during isolation time of 2020-2021.
Platforms like Modular World, Podular Modcast, Colorado Synth Society, Phoenix Data Cult festival and Sound Mit 2020 - follow links under each record to see the entire show.
Additionally as a bonus track a jam record of Tulpa Dusha and Gerwin Eisenhauer.


1. Weightless Spark

2. SoCal Synth Society | Fragment

3. Colorado Skies

4. SoundMit

5. Melting Time

6. Data Phoenix

7. Tulpa Dusha & Gerwin Eisenhauer | My Heart Is Opened

8. Peachy Mango

Tulpa | VIVA



This micro release is live recorded minimal techno improvisations, celebrating life, freedom, equality and revolution of hearts.

Dedicated to Che Guevara, who was David against the Goliaths:

"Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world..."

Raw studio recordings, no post processing or mastering used. Includes real time videos.


1. Viva la Revolucion

2. Viva la Vida

Tulpa | EP 1 : FALL*


*Recorded for Lustrum - Willem Twee 5 Years Anniversary Festival
27th September 2020

This EP was born as an idea to follow one’s evolution in Willem Twee Studios:

Session 000 was recorded after a brief introduction to the original set up.

Hans Kulk has spent a lifetime collecting vintage electronic equipment,
function generators and analog computers; these machines were originally intended for industrial and technical applications but they also inspired some of the earliest experiments in electronic music. This inspiring collection is kindly available to artists and students, as a learning and recording hotspot.

Tulpa was invited by Hans to jam and participate in Lustrum Festival, and after recording 2 first intakes, the seasonal EP idea was born.

This EP is a starting point, from which 3 more sessions will occur, completing a cycle of seasons. These recordings are raw, unmastered original sessions, exactly as they happened in the studio.


Session 000 : Ambiental 00:07:38
Session 001 : Minimal 00:07:04

released December 15, 2020

CAT# Detund LTD 74

Tulpa | Checks Cashed

Cashed Checks is played live with modular synthesis system. It is a dark progressive trancelike experience a reflection of the coming tide of resistance. Minimal techno orientated, the album is an experimental format, modular audio search. Name of the album came out of its cover. The photo is a historical event of Vietnam veterans being on strike, ca. 1970.


1. Dear

2. Bahia

3. Checks Cashed

4. Infinite Light


Igloo magazine album review article:

released April 15, 2020  by Truth Table

Dusha feat Kirill Korsunenko | Dissolution for Piano

Scores of Dusha songs and compositions of Kirill

Arrangements by Kirill Korsunenko

This album consists of piano scores of Dusha songs, rearranged by Kirill Korsunenko, and several compositions of Kirill Korsunenko, written between 2019-2020. Special edition of scores will be printed as limited edition, for piano players and learners.


1. Dusha - Genuine

2. Dusha - Healing (Dear Sister)

3. Dusha - Simulation of a Dream

4. Dusha - Summer Shimmer

5. Kirill Korsunenko - Between Worlds

6. Dusha - Genuine V 2.0

7. Dusha - Healing (Dear Sister) V 2.0

8. Dusha - Hello World

9. Dusha - Noir

10. Dusha - Origin

11. Dusha - Angelic Message

12. Dusha - Horizon of Abyss

13. Dusha - Into the Nebulae

14. Dusha - Into the Nebulae 4 hands Version

15. Dusha - Dissolution of Ego

16. Kirill Korsunenko - Daesdafis

17. Kirill Korsunenko - Dream's Solitude

18. Kirill Korsunenko - The Last Future

19. Kirill Korsunenko - Collapse

20. Kirill Korsunenko - Crystal Clarity

21. Kirill Korsunenko - D Inventio

22. Kirill Korsunenko - Dorian

23. Kirill Korsunenko - Grace

24. Kirill Korsunenko - H. Motion 

25. Kirill Korsunenko - Hope

26. Kirill Korsunenko - Jasmine Flowers

27. Kirill Korsunenko - Shadows

28. Kirill Korsunenko - Splitting

29. Kirill Korsunenko - The Coldness 

30. Kirill Korsunenko - The Wave

31. Dusha - Baktun

32. Dusha - Light Child

33. Dusha - Night Oracle

34. Kirill Korsunenko - Meeting After Long Time of Loneliness (Fuge)

35. Kirill Korsunenko - Meeting After Long Time of Loneliness (Prelude)

36. Dusha - Voltage Awakening


 More about Kirill here:
Cover photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.


Dusha | Dissolution Of  Ego

cat# DETUND LTD 52

Ambient journey album into oneself, an expedition into subliminal
passages. The album is inspired by Peter’s Gric painting “Dissolution of Ego”,
bringing the listener to a self-loving, joyful, and weightless mind state.


1. Into  The Nebulae

2. Delicate Time

3. Angelic Message

4. Radiant Cosmos

5. Dissolution Of Form

6. Horizon of Abyss

7.  Secret Path

8. Voltage Awakening

9. Dissolution Of Ego

10. Self Love

11. Prophetic Dream 

12. Night Oracle

13. Light Child

14. One With Everything

15. Clouded City

16. Aerial

17. Self Love for Piano by K. Korsunenko


Art work by Peter Gric:
Piano Rearrangements by Kirill Korsunenko:
more info at:
released by Detroit Underground, 02.02.2020.Can be obtained here.

Tulpa | No Overlords

1. Delicate Time

2. No Overlords



Micro minimal techno release, as a message to current happenings in the World. August 2019 - climate change curves up, massive world forests burns, AAA frontier attacks, indigenous being attacked by Bolsonaro, Hong Kong righteous disobedience, dominance of consumerism... these are just few consequences of activity that is coming from individuals that represent certain ideology and abuse society with it. In a way these individuals manifest these ideas and project these ideas on masses, using propaganda (mass media), aggression "in law", lobbying, buying out "pushing buttons". Yet as history shows, truth always wins. On this image kids of city Nikolaev destroy image of one of biggest world criminals (1944).  

This is free release. All money transferred for that release will be donated to #GaiaAmozonas


Dusha | Genuine

Post apocalyptic ambient journey, with a story of Gynoid Bride search of her lost sister on Earth. Cover art by Peter Gric. Digital album can be obtained here.

Dusha | II

Dusha II - sound journey into subliminal worlds. Often emotional, mind expanding, atomic. Blessed by a great painter of our time - Peter Gric, who delicately accompanies the album with Orbiter III art work. Limited edition of CDs printed - four only copies left available here.
Digital album can be obtained here. 


Dusha | Silver River EP


This album was released by Ovnimoon Records in 2016. For my discography i upload here also. This EP is a merge between White Dreams and II. Enjoy :)
Released by Ovnimoon Records, January 26, 2017
Can be obtained here.

Dusha | White Dreams

"..Luxuriously ambient tone paintings with just a touch of frozen exhalation from the arctic" - Carla Scaletti, composer, Kyma Pacarana creator 
Can be obtained here


Dusha | The Night Guard

This album is re-release of an album i wrote while caring my sweet son. Back then i was writing chill out under MM name. This album dedicated to my son Tristan van der Linden.
Released by BioMechanix Records, April 3, 2016
Can be obtained here.


Tulpa & Friends

Featured EP


This featured EP is produced in collaboration between Tulpa and her friends, great people and incredible talented musicians Robin Graat (Gaiana), Stefan Oldehinkel (Harmonic Frequency) and Kristian Gjesing (Mantra Flow), and MM - side project by Tulpa. This EP is an audio unity of elements of light, and dedicated to happiness to Everything and Everyone.
Released by BioMechanix Records, Mexico. January 9, 2015
Can be obtained here.

Dusha | Live Album

This album consists of Live recorded ambient audio designs, recorded into Kyma Pacarana between 2016 - 2018. First intake record, no overdub. Intuitive composing in real time. My instruments are: Roland Ayra System 1, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca FM, Moog Mother 32, Moog DFAM, Kyma Pacarana, Bastl MG2, Bastl Kastl.
Can be obtained here. 

Dusha | We Go Inside

Abstract sonic imaginary recorded live in Kyma Pacarana.
Requested by Obsolete Staircases
Can be obtained here.


Skywalker EP *collection of soundmadnes written between 2012 - 2016

these tracks were written between 2012 - 2016; Album cover Moonfish by Elena Nesterova (Masterskaya 3.14)

Can be obtained here.

Tulpa | Dusha

Inspirations: Era 1 | Samplebank


This is the ERA 1 of Kyma Pacarana generated samples, created for Inspirations Sample banks series by Tulpa | Dusha. TIP: inspirations are sound sources, created to inspire, fill in or provoke on creativity. This is material to work with, it requires attentive listening and patient hearing. Good luck!

Pre listening here.


Can be obtained here.

Tulpa | Dusha

Inspirations: Era 2 | Samplebank

This is the second edition of Inspirations series created in legendary Kyma Pacarana. Era Two is a pack of 80 high quality audio files with five bonus free samples. Imaginary of sound can open unknown worlds and give voice to many visualised objects, impacting it's character. Choose wisely and stay creative. File format: wav; sample rate: 44100, resolution: 24 bit

Pre listening here.


Can be obtained here.