Tulpa | Dusha are two audio projects, created by Anna Martinova, original from Baltic shores. Tulpa audio stories are night dance oriented psychedelic techno improvisations. Dusha is the music, composed and sung by the girl.
Both projects are played live with modular synthesis system and additional instruments.

Anna Martinova is dutch resident, Latvia-born electronic music composer, DJ and a singer. Martinova DJs dark progressive and dark psychedelic trance for about 20 years and actively produces music since 2012. Under Dusha and Tulpa names she released: Dusha - The Night Guard, Dusha - White Dreams, Dusha - We Go Inside, Dusha - Live album, Dusha - Modular Moon Live album, Dusha - Silver River EP, Dusha II Full Album and Dusha - Genuine on Ovnimoon Records (USA). Dusha - Dissolution of Ego released on Detroit Underground (USA); Dusha - Tryptich Rebirth - audio work for art of Peter Gric. Tulpa - No Overlords, Tulpa - Checks Cashed, Tulpa - Raw, Tulpa - Viva, Tulpa - Hedonism, Tulpa - Live recordings in France, Germany, The Netherlands, India, Ecuador, released independently on artist's BC page. Special releases as Tulpa - Fall, a series of records at Willem Twee studios, improvisations on function generators, collected by Hans Kulk - the record was highlighted by Marc Weidenbaum, author of and the book on Apex Twin, 33 1/3.

Audio visual collaboration with Roger Vermolen, visual artist from the Netherlands, head of PolyBase Station project, resulted as Tulpa and Visual Scumbagz - Betonkunst EP and is streamed on Dance Television. Tulpa Live at VeldWerk - Alternative Music Delivery Service - real time synthesis record was released as accordingly named EP. Interlinked by Tulpa Dusha - a series of live jams, for multiple online sound synthesis festivals such as Podular Modcast, Colorado Modular Synth Society, South California Synth Society, SoundMit, Modular World, Phoenix Synthesiser Festival 2021, Peachy Mango and co-composed song with drum genius Gerwin Eisenhauer, part of Trio Elf, during the global lockdown 2020, resulted as an EP release in 2021. 

Anna is Kyma Pacarana community member and released 2 Sample banks she created in Pacarana: Kyma Inspirations Era 1 and 2. Broadcasted artist of Modular Station - the modular music radio station and a member of Female : Pressure. Martinova also introduced Sound Objects - analogue sound synthesis stations, created in Rostov-on-Don, Russia by Sergei Michailov and Dimitri, to western public. 


Tulpa had a talk-session at STOOR, with artists like Sebastian Mullaert and Speedy J. 

With both projects Martinova performs in clubs and venues all over the world, actively educates sound synthesis by request. Toured to Mexico, Japan, Ecuador, India, performed also in far distant Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Parvati Peaking Festival (India), Modem Festival (Croatia), Drops Festival (Slovenia), Solstice Festival (The Netherlands), House of Chapora and Freedom Blast Festival (Goa, India); performed in multiple clubs and venues across Europe and the globe. Personal record of Martinova so far is 8 hours DJ set and 4 hours through live Modular improvisation in minimal techno style. 

Martinova met modular synthesis when she started to perform Tulpa | Dusha live, and completely switched to recording and performing Live with her personal system in 2017. In a year after meeting Modular, Martinova established Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School initiative, that functions as synthesis school and a platform for Sonic exploration in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has sections in Mexico DC, Santiago Chile, Bangalore India, Tokyo, and Moscow, Russia. The project is supported by modular community, organizes lead manufacturers and icons of modular workshops and performances, runs synthesis school curriculum and promotes sound synthesis; has on board systems, unique audio design program and a DIY lab.

Anna is a co-author and the designer of Modular Sound Synthesis On The Moon, the book, written in collaboration with Pete Johnston.

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